Understanding reproductive disease risk is essential when either selling or buying breeder cattle. The STAR BREEDER Program (Steps Taken Against Reproductive Diseases) is a quality assurance program with benefits for both stud and commercial producers.

• Stud breeders will protect their reputation by ensuring the sale stock offered are both free and protected from transmitting reproductive diseases. Bull purchasers in particular can be confident their bulls are ready to use and require no further vaccinations prior to use.

• Commercial breeder buyers can be confident the cattle have been managed to ensure there is a low risk of them introducing preventable reproductive diseases to their herds.

Registered Stud and Commercial STAR BREEDER Program sellers certify that each bull, heifer or mob has been:

  • Vaccinated against Pestivirus (with Pestigard®) to ensure they are protected from the effects of this infection
  • Vaccinated against Leptospirosis (with Ultravac® 7in1) a serious disease of cattle and WH&S risk for cattle handlers
  • Vaccinated against Vibriosis* (with Vibrovax®) a sexually transmitted cattle disease (*bulls only)
  • Given two (2) injections of each vaccine to ensure they have immunity established prior to leaving their property of origin
  • Issued a STAR BREEDER Program Certificate – valid for 12 months

Additionally Stud Breeders:

  • Certify that each bull or heifer has been tested to show that they are not Pestivirus Persistently Infected (PI) animals
  • May also wish to certify and record on their certificates any additional testing or programs conducted e.g. BEF, tick fever, botulism, VBBSE or genetic testing (HD 50K, i50K™ CLARIFIDE® or SireTrace®)


Enjoy benefits from the STAR BREEDER Program when you register:

  • Step by Step Guide to a Quality Assurance Program with details on correct vaccination programs
  • Quality Assurance Vendor Declarations
  • Automated Reminder System
  • Sale Day Support Materials
  • Resource Library – with Vaccination Planning Calendars
  • History of Cattle Registration Certificates